BahnParker is a web app I wrote in for customers of carparks by the Deutsche Bahn (German Railroad Company).

The tool lets you find a BahnPark and provides you with general information like the price or the location.
If there's data available, BahnParker also shows you how many free parking spaces there are right now and on average. The latter enables you to find the perfect time to get to the BahnPark in order to find a free space.


PiWatchdog is an Open Source project I started. It's a MEAN Stack Application which monitors the online status and the content of websites.
It's directed at Webmasters who want to monitor their websites and users who want to be informed about changes on any website. If a website goes offline or if it changes its content a user can be notified via Pushbullet or E-Mail.

It's written specifically with a Raspberry Pi in mind (hence the name), to allow for a energy-saving and low cost self-hosted website monitor.

Finally Binary

Finally Binary is my personal vanity blog. Here, I very irregulary post about programming, my projects and general fun facts from the tech world.