LoopBack: TypeError: ids.filter is not a function

While creating new relation in a NodeJS LoopBack project, I encountered this problem: TypeError: ids.filter is not a function I could not find a solution on Google, so it took some experimenting to make it work: In the relations part of my model (a User), the code looked something like this: "relations": { "group": { "type": "belongsTo", "model": "Group", "foreignKey": "group" read more

Amazon EC2 for lazy people

In this article I want to explain what Amazon's EC2 service is. This is targeted at lazy people like you who do not want to read the whole Amazon documentation to get started: What is EC2? EC2 is short for "Elastic Computing Cloud" and basically provides its users with the ability to boot up Virtual Machines (VM) of every shape read more

I, (am not a) Robot - Why we need Captchas

You know this: Every time you fill out a webform or sign up for a service, you have to type out some words which are displayed in terrible handwriting. Otherwise the webpage does not let you continue. Those are called “Captchas”: You see them every day, you can’t get around them, most people hate them but somehow you need read more